October 20

I walk in the woods
to calm my mind with cold air
and sounds of nature.


August 17

Cleverly hidden
Among savage thorns and flies.
Blackberries. Oh my!!


September 22

Purple toes and cat
Stretching to feel the warm sun
Grounding to the earth.

(Erin and Anakin)

September 18

Hidden in the woods
Bubbling brook and ancient ferns
Peace after the rain.

September 14

Monday with good friends.
Fried food and people watching.
Sunset in the clouds.

September 2

A gray wall of clouds
Suddenly interrupted
Our day at the beach.

August 31

Yellow rubber gloves.
The only way to survive.
The soap hurts so much.

August 14

I mourn for the egg
Which I lost when I peeled it.
Hard boiling gone wrong.

August 12

Making memories
Star gazing with my Annie
Watching the Perseids.

August 11

 Sometimes not ‘Doing’
is the most important thing
to ‘Do’ for myself.

August 11

Volcano cycle.
Destruction allows new life.
In a thousand years.

August 8

Sitting at picnic table.
Sanding. Measuring. Drilling.
Constructing today.

Counting syllables
In my head as I create.
Masterpiece to come.

Listening to sounds.
Children play in the distance.
Lone airplane flies by.

Hidden birds singing.
Fresh air. Breeze. Sunshine. Blue Sky.
Brings Tranquility.

August 7

Breathe the lavender.
Flower scent is the finest.
Soothing for the mind.

August 6

Blackberry cider
Friends, music, good food, blue sky
I love Oregon.

May 16

Sweaty chores and sun.
Chores make Cranky kids. And mum.
Chores chores never fun.

Rashes are no fun.
Especially when caused by
allergy to sun.


April 17: Today is Haiku Poetry Day

Mermaids with good friends.
Fantasy. Adventure. Fun.
Til we meet again!

April 17

Every girl’s dream
Underwater ballet show
Mermaids here we come


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