Time of Day – 11:30 pm

November 24

Rupert, in his little hide hole.  He seems happier with travel this time.  I have just put him on the floor at my feet, not in a carrier.  Maybe he can stretch out more, or maybe he just prefers being in the front seat where it is a little quieter than the back seat with 3 monsters.  🙂

November 23

after wine, cheerios, and other adult indulgences (keeping it family-friendly)   oooo, i have thin mints… I am finally maybe ready for bed.  So, tonight at 11:30, I was photographing my knitting projects for Ravelry. …  What do you think they are??   The right one is complete.  The left one is made of Canadian yarn I got about a week ago.

November 22

a little late:  it is 12:00 am, and I am editing photos from today for the blog while eating the last of the mushroom barley soup that I made for lunch on Sunday then dinner on Monday … and now midnight snack.  I really need to go to bed – we need to try to get moving earlier tomorrow.  We will be going through Salt Lake City, but we need to find a campground a bit further south if we’re to make it to Grand Canyon at a reasonable time of day.  I think the girls had fun taking their photos today.  Now, time to get them writing captions … then they can learn how to edit and upload the photos.

November 21

I am finally settled down, done with the puttering around the RV.  M and Z and DH are all asleep.  Guess who is still awake?  The flash on the camera makes it look like daylight, but there she is, protesting as I take a picture.  She continued to read for awhile longer, and FINALLY is now asleep at 12:15 am.  Sigh.  Looks like I have at least one night owl child.  As for me, I am still awake.  We got a dehumidifier, and it is ungodly loud, and it blows cool air, which is not appreciated in this below-freezing weather.  However, the silence of no appliances running would drive me mad (so sad to say).  I just turned on the heater again for a spell.  It is an amazingly GOOOOD heater!   I am going to upload photos for Z and M, then try to watch some netflix.  No yawns yet.  But I am all warm and cozy, under the red quilt that I made … that’s a post for another day!  nite nite!


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