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Knitting Update


Zoe’s rainbow skirt is adorable!

IMG_6304   rainbow

Wingspan Shawl for my mom:


wingspan1   wingspan2


DIY Makeup Board


Annie and I made this board for her makeup.  I found the idea on Pinterest (I don’t have an account, or I would never get off of the computer!).  Annie used Instagram on the photos.  She has an eye for photography!



And, here are some self-portraits of Annie and our cat, Meme:




Art Camp …


Molly went to an Art Camp this week~!  She had a great time and really enjoyed experimenting with new materials and is really looking forward to more classes.  Her art teacher is really fun and taught the kids about color value, drawing by feel, and more.  Molly learned songs to reinforce the concepts.

Kim also moonlights as a face painter at a neighborhood farmers’ market.

We will get photos of some more of her projects, but this one is truly lovely!  (acrylics on canvas) She also really enjoyed working with oil pastels – which is a much more practical medium for our traveling lifestyle!


Trashion Fashion Camp!


We found a store in Portland that is just like our favorite store in Houston!

. . .

Our new favorite store was offering a Fashion Camp, so of course, Annie had to go … She had a lot of fun, met some new friends, and developed some new crafting passions! The camp culminated in a Fashion Parade, complete with gold trophies …

In spite of today being the hottest day EVER in Portland (103), everyone had a great time.

The girls walked about 4 blocks to a nearby park –


At the park, they prepared for the Runway Walk –

sadly, the light was awful for pictures –


Group Photos –



Zoe and Molly loved watching the pretty girls –


Tshirt Crafting, Part 1


Lesson #1 for the day … use a bigger hula hoop.


No, actually, Lesson #1 was … re-READ the directions closely before cutting up 2 dozen tshirts.  I did extra cutting when I could have been weaving …

So, let me start at the beginning:

In Houston, more than two months ago, I saw this cool craft on the internet. I don’t remember who tagged me on FaceBook, but we went to a thrift store ASAP and bought a billion tshirts in fun colors, planning to make a few rugs … I washed them immediately, and they have been folded in a laundry basket every since then.

   (this is **half** of the tshirts)

Finally, I was ready to do the craft yesterday.  I was sure it would be a piece of cake …

NEVER underestimate the distracting power of a 3 year old.

Using my new nifty electric Black & Decker scissors, I cut up about a dozen shirts last night.  And, this is where the second Lesson #1 comes to play.  I cut rows off the lower half of the shirts, resulting in loops.  THEN, I went an extra unnecessary step further and cut those loops intro strips for making TARN (tshirt yarn).  Today, I read the instructions a little more closely, and I discovered that they used the loops, not strips.  I’m sure I’m just babbling now, but trust me when I say I did extra labor.

So, eventually, I had a bunch of tshirts ready to weave … not all of them, but enough to get started.


I am making the first rug alone, so I can work out the process before doing it with the older girls.  I really hate learning while doing a craft with the kids because I always end up doing it instead of THEM doing it.

Now, for the first Lesson #1, or Lesson #2 … I used the smallest hula hoop, thinking that would be wise, BUT tshirt fabric stretches when you work with it, so the red loops (the warp) stretched out as I worked, resulting in a bowl shape … I think that it will work out, but it would be easier if it were on a bigger hoop.

Zoe approves, though!


   To be continued …



Crinum Lilies from The Yellow House, blooming at Barbara’s house …


tie dyed shirts with kids.
sent older kids off with friends for the night.
washed car.
lost phone.
found phone.
went grocery shopping.
found a big wooden toy box
went to Janet’s house.
locked keys in car.
yay! USAA came to my rescue!
car unlocked.
drinking wine.
eating ice cream with friends.
all is good.