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August26 – A vegetarian’s worst nightmare


I was at a Goodwill Bins store with Jessica. She was lamenting over not having a really good dog bed for Chloe, when we found this cute and soft comforter. Brilliant, I thought. I can just cut that in half and make TWO dog beds for Chloe. It was even a great price – $5. 

  • Never once did I imagine what was INSIDE. 


*Note to self. Do not attempt this again. It was a genius idea, but oh, no, it was once a DUCK. I did contemplate just throwing the evil thing away, but then all those ducks would have suffered in vain. So, my vegan friends will surely understand that I powered through the sadness and gave them a new reason for having lived. 

**other lessons learned:

  • This is never to be contemplated indoors. 
  • While probably very comfy and luxurious, it also ended up costly, since the first effort jammed my machine. (Thankfully, the repair shop in Eugene was extra affordable and took care of it quickly.)
  • Vacuuming the grass is not for the faint of heart. And, people look at you strangely. 
  • I would happily sew a dog bed again for a friend (or even a profit), but cheap poly fiber fill will be easier. 


I wonder if an animal shelter or a homeless person would appreciate a project like this??




And we are off!


Mama has been sewing the fancy tulle skirts for the adorable bridesmaids and flower girls.  As you can see, the tulle is attempting to swallow Mama.


I helped by making the slips.  The girls will be wearing leotards, ballet shoes and flower crowns.  One more day to the Big Reveal!  I am sure that Connie is a happy wreck.




UpcycleDIY of the Day – 2 in a row!!!


This sweatshirt started life with Phil less than 3 years ago as a beloved memory of Oregon beer – until it met a cruel fate at the hands (teeth) of Bunnicula (aka Sophie).

And now it is a pillow case:

image image


I am still working out the kinks for making pillow cases from tshirts, but I hope to start offering them for sale in our ETSY shop soon.

Check out our other crafts currently for sale:



I am going to attempt more regular blog posts again … Maybe this time, I can keep it up?

Meme is glaring from my latest UpcycleDIY of a sweater into a cat bed.  I saw the idea ages ago, and I finally did it today.  It took about 45 minutes of trial and error.  My serger may not have been the best choice of sewing machine, and it definitely is best with pillow stuffing not fabric scraps, which was my first attempt.  I will make another from t-shirt fabric, since I think the sweater might be too hot for summer.

image image




I hate sloppy things.



These pillows from Ikea have always annoyed me. The cases are loose enough that the opening always flops open, and the black color was just a mistake!  They attract hair and dust and don’t even look clean when they are washed.  As a result, I frequently just want to throw them out.  I definitely didn’t want to buy more Ikea pillow cases for them.


So, when the girls selected this silky robe to purge from their ginormous dress-up collection, it just screamed “pillow case!” Although it is hard to tell in this photo, I made the opening in the center of the back and with a really wide overlap.  I also made it a little smaller than the original, so that the pillow would have more ooomf and less floppiness.  Hooray!  The pillow doesn’t flop open anymore!

IMG_3324-L IMG_3322-L

So, I started digging through my collection of random outgrown clothing to find the next pillowcase.  Molly stole the first tshirt I selected:  Happy Bunny saying “make the stupid people shut up!”  Hopefully, I don’t regret letting her wear that in public … Then, I found this really funky thrift shop dress that someone made.  I can not resist home made clothes in thrift stores – nothing is too funky.  But this one didn’t fit me, so it needed a new use.

I had to disguise the raw edge first, and I only have a serger sewing machine.  Fortunately, the dress had a strap that was a little narrow for the job, but it works.  Again, a really large overlap and the flap is in the middle of the back.  Two more seams, and it is done!  A little smaller than the red one, but that doesn’t bother me … much …


End product:  who wouldn’t want a pillow with pockets?  I tie dyed the bolster pillows in December, and I’m using this Ikea duvet as a short term solution for a couch cover.  The greens aren’t the same, but I think it works.

Now, I just have to find some fabric for the third pillow, and also a second set of 3 pillow cases for when these need to be washed … I’m contemplating something with old tshirts …

Closet ReDo #3 … or maybe #4 …


Yet again, I decided that the closet was still not functioning optimally.  I have been stalking Home Depot and Lowes for closet shelving ideas for months.  I finally stumbled upon something at Lowes this week – it doesn’t use the vertical brackets, so in theory, I figured I could install it on the wonky walls in the closet.  The left and right closet walls are perpendicular, but the back wall is angled up and down and left and right, to fill in the void created by the nose of the RV.  I am glad to have the extra space, but I have been continually trying to modify the space because it is so wonky and nothing pre-fab works.

closetb4nov27   closetredo3

Left – Before

Right – After.  The wire shelves are each installed at a different angle because the back wall of the closet is totally wonky.  I photoshopped the pictures a little to help understand.  There are 4 rows of shelves:

1 – black – a previous installation, attached to the original closet rod

2 – pink – 3′ long 12″ wide – hung upside down so the edge can hold things on the shelf (I hope)

3 – yellow – 4′ long 20″ wide – hung parallel to the front edge of the closet.  To the right, is 14″ of rod space for Phil’s work clothes.  Still need to put his suit in there.

4 – green – 4′ long 12″ wide – hung upside down, also.  This shelf is on special brackets that are designed to hang a shelf at an angle to hold shoes – since the wall is angled, the end result is “nearly” horizontal.

b4b28nov   shelving3   closetredo1

Left – empty closet

Middle – First shelving installed.  (Blue) Left closet wall.  (Red) Closet floor.  (Yellow) 20″ shelf.  (Green) Angled lower shelf

Right – full closet

More photos are on SmugMug

What is this thing?


Does anyone know what this is? My aunt found it in some family stuff. Unknown age or origin. I am guessing it has something to do with crafting. (I haven’t actually seen it.)

“With a magnifying glass we discovered that the longer of the two ‘needles’ has a groove on the inside.”

1467467_10202548378855411_1722887676_n   1455927_10202563938204385_1836400882_n