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UpcycleDIY of the Day – 2 in a row!!!


This sweatshirt started life with Phil less than 3 years ago as a beloved memory of Oregon beer – until it met a cruel fate at the hands (teeth) of Bunnicula (aka Sophie).

And now it is a pillow case:

image image


I am still working out the kinks for making pillow cases from tshirts, but I hope to start offering them for sale in our ETSY shop soon.

Check out our other crafts currently for sale:


Our First Family Camping Trip

Our First Family Camping Trip

We went camping on the Coast with best friends, Helen and Lee, and Mikey (the dog).

It was supposed to be for two nights, but at the last minute, we decided against going on our FIRST camping trip with the kids and arriving after dark.  We had practiced setting up the tent, so I wasn’t worried about that, but we did NOT want to risk having to work out the kinks with tired children.

Sooooo, we went on Saturday morning.

Annie and Molly have both been to the Coast on previous Oregon trips, but catching the first glimpse of the ocean is always fun!

We got the tent set up pretty quickly.  Molly was a huge help!




Meanwhile, Annie was playing with Instagram …


Phil horsed around with Zoe and Molly …


Then, we all went down the road to a marina, where we rented a boat …

The boat wasn’t big enough for all of us, so we had to take turns.  It was nothing fancy, just a small engine at the back of the boat.  Helen and Lee didn’t like driving it, so Phil offered.  Zoe was totally freaked out by the whole thing, so she refused to get in the boat.  While the rest of them explored the bay, Lee, Zoe, Mikey, and I drove to Manzanita.  The view was lovely.  The beach was lovely.  The ice cream was lovely.  The stores were lovely!  I really need to go back there!


I drove the boat for the second outing – leaving Phil and Zoe on shore.  They found a small restaurant and had a beer and tater tots.

We ended the day with pasta at the campsite, followed by popcorn and s’mores.  (and wine for the grownups)



Everyone settled in to sleep, cozy and sweet …

… to be continued!

Harvey’s Latest Improvements (small)


Today:  I “built” two shelves in a previously unshelved cabinet, where we store kitchen towels, rags, food storage stuff, and beer.  The cabinet measures 36″ wide with two doors.  It is 28″ high inside and 9″ deep.  We don’t have anything that shape, so I tried to pile things in it, only to fail at using the space to its fullest potential.  The left picture is my “middle of the project” view, showing the blue bins that I tried to use to hold stuff int he cabinet.  I hung the top shelf before I remembered to take a “before” picture.  The right picture shows the cabinet now … I used beer bottles to determine the location of the top shelf and mason jars for the lower shelf.  (I bought the canning jars yesterday for some kitchen ideas, and they only sell them by the dozen.  I will get rid of the extras eventually.)  The top shelf will also hold two cans stacked on top of each other.  I can’t imagine we will drive around with that many beverages, but it is impressive how much I can now store easily!

Materials:  1x10x6′ (cut in half by Home Depot), 6 small shelf brackets (97 cents each), and wood screws
Tools: jig saw and dremel (to cut notches in two corners to fit around interior cabinet structure), level, power drill, and lots of contortion skills


Last week:  I pulled everything out of the master closet.  It is a very, very odd shape.  Previously, I had some stacking plastic shelves, which didn’t hold my clothes well, and we had everything else stuffed in laundry baskets just shoved in.  Time for a change.  I built 6 shelves in the middle, using “Neat Idea” wire shelving squares.  We use them for everything – actual shelves, as they are intended – and as bunny condos and fencing.  They aren’t a perfect solution since there is a really big gap behind them because the back wall curves outward.  But it is a good temporary solution.  My clothes are on the left, and Phil’s clothes are on the right.  He has barely enough room to hang his work clothes – maybe he has too many?


A month ago!  … New desk from Ikea – Zoe helped build it. Don’t have good before or after, but maybe the clutter in the background will disappear? Second picture is Biscuit teethmarks on the top surface. Unfortunately, he “found” the desk while it was still in the box, and he tested the fiber content.


One more upgrade:  Ikea LED strip lighting.

It isn’t perfect yet, but the lighting comes with a 12 volt connection, so Phil reworked it to connect to the RV fixture.  (We just bought a plain switch and intend to change out the unused fixture this week.)  The RV lighting was giving me a headache, and the new lighting is not.  So, this is good.  We have some round ones that we will add to the girls’ bunk beds next.