Howdy from the Hyde Warren. I’m 45 (Janis), an avid knitter and crafter, married to my Phil (41). We met on a blind date when all I wanted was to marry a content Houstonian man and start a family and never leave. I thought I was “done” traveling, and I wanted to settle down. I had a 100-year-old house in an idyllic historic community (my last act as an architect was to remodel the house). We have 3 daughters, Annie 12, Molly 8, and Zoe 3, always homeschooled.

In 2007, we decided we were actully not happy here, but we were not sure what to do about it. Phil’s job involved travel to other states, sometimes for weeks in a row, and I was tired of being a single-mama when he traveled. We started dreaming of a day when we could travel as a family, imagining how he could telecommute for his job. I owned a children’s resale shop, which I sold in 2008 in order to break ties with Houston. Little did I know that pregnancy was my next calling, so our adventure got postponed. We did rent a small trailer and drove to Wisconsin in 2009 and researched family-rving. We just had to wait for Phil’s job to enable it.

In August 2011, we were done waiting and listed our house for sale. At the same time, he found out he needed to go to Calgary for a month or so. We scrambled to get kids’ passports, bought a used small travel trailer and a truck, and we sent our pets to stay with friends while we headed north. Even though we stayed in a house in Calgary, the travel was eye-opening. We went to the FOTR rally in Florida in January, and on that trip, we decided that we should just live in our RV and get out of the house. Little did we know it would be so complicated, but here we are – sold the house, bought a new-used (bigger) 5er, with a new truck, and preparing for an exciting summer in Portland – for his job! We are traveling with our bunny and our cat and our composting worms.


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  1. I’m gonna start following your blog. In 11 months we are moving, and 10 months after that we are moving again. Gotta love the military. We are in the process of cleaning out of housing and into a Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel.

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