September9–Oregon is on fire


Well, these last few weeks have sure been eye-opening with regard to weather. 

Harvey reminded us about the people we still care about in Texas.  And, now, Irma is heading toward many more people we care about in the Florida area!  Just to keep us on our toes, the fires on the west coast are too close for comfort. 

Annie and I house- and dog-sat for a friend in Bend for about two weeks, during the worst of the local smoke. These pictures show the progresssion of the smoke over one week. 

August 29August 30August 31September 1September 2September 3September 5

We bought air purifiers on August 29, then the smoke cleared for a couple days. We contemplated buying smoke masks, too, but when it cleared up, we decided not to. Wrong decision. We bought masks on September 6, again, right before a weather change made the purchase seem silly: it rained the next day, and the fire nearest to us was finally contained last night. 

Here are some other eerie photos of the smoke in Bend:

September 2September 1August 29
And, this is Pearl:


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