November6 – hunting and gathering


Parenting is so hard! I am utterly exhausted.

After a particularly hormonal-tween morning, we finally set off to forage for food. First stop was the post office to mail packages to my mom and Alma! I forgot to write Beware on Alma’s package. (Note to friends: we now have a local address! P.O.Box 3010, Sunriver, OR 97707)

We first went to a nice farm stand I accidentally found last week. (Guess where I lost my driver license??) I started hunting with $20, and then the kids found more food … Dig into wallet and find another $20 … Shopping resumes. Annie finally relented to journey into the walk in fridge to hunt for pears … Total now is $44 … Uhoh … Dig some more. It is like Christmas in my wallet!!! I found another $20, and now we can buy honey!

The gang returned to the vehicle. We stopped at Humane Society to inquire about volunteering (apply online only) and fawn over puppies and cats. Onward we go!

Next stop is the Central Oregon Locavore. At first glance, it is uninspiring … Then we found the first Refrigerator Room. At least 10 individual fridges are decorated with signs describing the vittles inside, from beer to eggs, frozen fruit, gluten free bakery and paleo. Ask about milk: that fridge is in another room. We have the secret code, so we can open it! I estimate it holds 70 gallons of milk, neatly packaged in half gallon jars with names on each. (5 shelves, 7 columns, 4 rows deep). After cooperative searching, we found our name. We then scoped out the store. It sells local fresh stuff, bulk dried beans and herbs as well as products ranging from kombucha, bars galore, gelato, personal care and humongous stainless steel bottles. They even refill growlers!


Finally, we returned to the expedition vehicle and headed to our last stop: Costco. It was not quite the madhouse I anticipated, but the younger two kids turned into wild animals upon entry. We found what we needed, and the car was packed to the roof with our final bounty.

Dinner was prepared while Phil built a very manly fire. Scrambled eggs, from Lyle Washington (thinking of Helen!), with a chaser of raw milk. Black beans were also prepared from scratch. Once the heathens retired to the fireside, I was finally able to eat. My dinner was 2 eggs scrambled with some milk and veggies (mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes) — and a Gewurtztraminer from California (thinking of Jessica!).

Soon, the children will be in bed, right? And then I can work on Barbara’s shark blanket …


Lazy Cook’s Black Beans, adapted for a pressure cooker by me

from Serious Eats –

2 cups dried black beans, rinsed and picked over

  • Add water up to 5 cup line (approximate, depending on how soupy you want your beans)
  • Set to Manual, high pressure for 24 minutes (leave lid off til after next step, so it can start heating up)
  • 8-15 cloves of garlic: peel and smash
  • 1 onion: peel and slice in half. Cut the roots barely off, so they stay mostly together to remove at end
  • 1 orange: wash and slice in half. Squeeze some juice into pot, then add the entire orange

  • Put lid on, seal vent
  • When finished, do natural pressure release for 10 minutes

  • Remove orange and onion
  • Salt as needed
  • Smash some of the beans to thicken
  • Simmer to thicken more

Add to rice for a complete meal. 😜


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