August14 – just berries


So, I bought 4 pints of strawberries and 2 of blueberries at the Wednesday farmers market. Late Friday, and I think the kids have eaten 5 strawberries. I begged and cajoled all day to get them to eat them – but “they are brown”. So, I mushed the strawberries and am freezing them for ‘Popsicles.’ The little green container is from Ball jar company.   


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    • It all depends on their mood! When they are hot and bored, they want frozen treats. I used to make smoothie pops in yogurt cups, but I don’t have that kind of freezer space now. I can store these cubes in a ziplock, but it is highly unlikely they will remain in the freezer very long!

      I usually leave treats in these molds until I have something else to freeze. This time, I didn’t even wash them from the previous cubes because a little lemonade will probably make them taste even better.

      They stack so nicely and compactly. The cubes are also much larger than a regular ice cube tray.

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