Monthly Archives: August 2015

August26 – A vegetarian’s worst nightmare


I was at a Goodwill Bins store with Jessica. She was lamenting over not having a really good dog bed for Chloe, when we found this cute and soft comforter. Brilliant, I thought. I can just cut that in half and make TWO dog beds for Chloe. It was even a great price – $5. 

  • Never once did I imagine what was INSIDE. 


*Note to self. Do not attempt this again. It was a genius idea, but oh, no, it was once a DUCK. I did contemplate just throwing the evil thing away, but then all those ducks would have suffered in vain. So, my vegan friends will surely understand that I powered through the sadness and gave them a new reason for having lived. 

**other lessons learned:

  • This is never to be contemplated indoors. 
  • While probably very comfy and luxurious, it also ended up costly, since the first effort jammed my machine. (Thankfully, the repair shop in Eugene was extra affordable and took care of it quickly.)
  • Vacuuming the grass is not for the faint of heart. And, people look at you strangely. 
  • I would happily sew a dog bed again for a friend (or even a profit), but cheap poly fiber fill will be easier. 


I wonder if an animal shelter or a homeless person would appreciate a project like this??


August14 – just berries


So, I bought 4 pints of strawberries and 2 of blueberries at the Wednesday farmers market. Late Friday, and I think the kids have eaten 5 strawberries. I begged and cajoled all day to get them to eat them – but “they are brown”. So, I mushed the strawberries and am freezing them for ‘Popsicles.’ The little green container is from Ball jar company.