July12 – Driving on California Highway 1


 We left Fort Bragg yesterday and headed north to spend this week in The Redwood National Park (Klamath).  Our group of four families has been making our way north from the Los Angeles area to meet up with other families in Bend, Oregon at the end of July. 


The drivers spent an extraordinary amount of time and energy figuring out the best route to drive. The very scenic highways in Northern California are very twisty and harrowing to drive. Highway 20 from Willits to Fort Bragg was amazing, but it was agonizingly slow, and the big rv’s struggle because of it.  The majority decision was to take the long way around via 20 and 101 to get to Klamath.  Of course, since I drive separately from Phil and the rv, I was free to find out firsthand what Highway One was really like.  

As soon as we left the area, we encountered road work, which had one lane completely closed, leaving us a single very narrow road. When we finally reached the first hairpin curve, we were stopped by a traffic snafu. An 18 wheeler and a van/trailer were unable to go around the curve at the same time.   

It didn’t really take long for them to work it out and get moving again, but I was Officially Worried. It was compounded by the fact that there was zero cellular service. But I was determined to do this. I passed several small southbound rv’s, including one towing a large utility trailer.  We also passed two rv parks that had a LOT of large coaches and fifth wheels. Obviously, there were lots of people who didn’t think the road was too difficult. 

My verdict was wishy washy, though:  It was a pretty drive, and it was a lot fewer miles. I didn’t think it was significantly prettier than other sections of the coastal highways, but I also did not think it was particularly harrowing.  There were some areas where the road dropped off sharply, but overall, not bad. 



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  1. Janis – it is great to get these updates again. I know it is hard to find the time, but we really enjoy to see what is going on with you all. Glad the trip wasn’t too difficult on the route you took.

    Love Dad

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