Teenagers Take Triple Falls


I took Annie and 3 of her friends to find “The Rock” where Peeta lay camouflaged in The Hunger Games.  I won’t bore anyone with all the details, but I will bore you with photographs.

Triple Falls, North Carolina:

IMG_5496   IMG_5472

Home Schoolers Obeying Signs:

IMG_5487   IMG_5486

IMG_5479   IMG_5477

Finding THE ROCK:

IMG_5488   IMG_5494


Sliding Rock (there were many other insane people getting into the cold water, too)

IMG_5497   IMG_5506


Annie actually slid down the rock twice!  Annabelle and I were the only sane ones who did not do this.

IMG_5510   IMG_5511

The day ended with ice cream, but I don’t have any pictures of that.


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