I hate sloppy things.



These pillows from Ikea have always annoyed me. The cases are loose enough that the opening always flops open, and the black color was just a mistake!  They attract hair and dust and don’t even look clean when they are washed.  As a result, I frequently just want to throw them out.  I definitely didn’t want to buy more Ikea pillow cases for them.


So, when the girls selected this silky robe to purge from their ginormous dress-up collection, it just screamed “pillow case!” Although it is hard to tell in this photo, I made the opening in the center of the back and with a really wide overlap.  I also made it a little smaller than the original, so that the pillow would have more ooomf and less floppiness.  Hooray!  The pillow doesn’t flop open anymore!

IMG_3324-L IMG_3322-L

So, I started digging through my collection of random outgrown clothing to find the next pillowcase.  Molly stole the first tshirt I selected:  Happy Bunny saying “make the stupid people shut up!”  Hopefully, I don’t regret letting her wear that in public … Then, I found this really funky thrift shop dress that someone made.  I can not resist home made clothes in thrift stores – nothing is too funky.  But this one didn’t fit me, so it needed a new use.

I had to disguise the raw edge first, and I only have a serger sewing machine.  Fortunately, the dress had a strap that was a little narrow for the job, but it works.  Again, a really large overlap and the flap is in the middle of the back.  Two more seams, and it is done!  A little smaller than the red one, but that doesn’t bother me … much …


End product:  who wouldn’t want a pillow with pockets?  I tie dyed the bolster pillows in December, and I’m using this Ikea duvet as a short term solution for a couch cover.  The greens aren’t the same, but I think it works.

Now, I just have to find some fabric for the third pillow, and also a second set of 3 pillow cases for when these need to be washed … I’m contemplating something with old tshirts …


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