Ten happy years


Ten years ago, we were nestled in bed, for the first night with our second daughter, Molly Catherine.  Molly was born at home, at 12:05 pm, on February 19.  She was my biggest baby, 8#13 and was born healthy at 42 weeks 5 days.   Rather than try to capture her personality in words, here are some of my favorite faces:

mollyA  mollyB  IMG_0383-L  mollyD  943341_10202451380470512_724852419_n  mollyC  mollyE  mollyF  molly7  mollyG  mollyI    IMG_0788  IMG_6246  64009_10200336253913670_595389445_n  11864_10201132877228755_1004973434_n  923111_10201220471618560_586761065_n  601070_10201370753415511_1597497106_n  1379642_10202419891083297_831983028_n  mollyJ  mollyK  1901248_370711813070986_251237549_n


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