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Ten happy years


Color makes me happy


These are the colors of the kids’ bunk room.  More pictures  on SmugMug.


Leaves of Spring
Andes Sky
Fun Yellow
Bunny Fluff


While I’m talking paint, the paint I adore the most is from Green Painter in Houston, Texas. Their paint covers beautifully, dries quickly, and most of all, the paint fumes don’t make me sick! The semi gloss I used for the trim is a lovely sheen. You can find them at In this picture, the paint on the left is from Sherwin Williams. It was “ok” – but I prefer their Harmony paints. And, overall, I prefer Green Painter!


That’s a LOTTA Love!


In case you didn’t know, we left Houston on February 1 to go to the  Full Time Families Buccaneer Bash Winter Rally in Florida.   We went to a rally in Orlando 2 years ago, and it was probably one of our best memories.  This weekend was even MORE awesome!

There were at least 40 different families with children of all ages.


There was a heated pool.


There was even a real a drive in movie theatre!


The kids had sleepovers with their new friends.  The dads talked about engines and tires and internet.  The moms talked about kids and cooking and where we’ve been and where we’re going and Ikea (and trucks and internet, too).


The dogs and cats and rabbits and rats were loved on and “tortured” with lots of attention.


There was music and card games and Minecraft and ping pong and mermaids and more!

1656357_10203250378284958_334772946_n  1620378_10203250908018201_1025706924_n

The kids have spent the past 6 days running around with other kids, feeling liberated and joyful and accepted.  The other park residents have watched with awe and lavished praise (after asking questions).  They have played so hard that they are exhausted!


But possibly the best part was meeting other people like us who have chosen the road less traveled and are following our dreams.  There was no negativity or judgment or crazy looks.  Well, maybe there were crazy looks, but that was normal.  We have traded stories, email addresses, phone numbers, pictures, and maybe a few supplies here and there.  And, we have planned for more get togethers down the road.

So, tomorrow, our family will pull in the slides and move on toward another adventure.   We aren’t saying “goodbye” to anyone, but “see ya later.”  Such a wonderful feeling!

My New Year Motto is coming true:  More Laughing and Loving in Twenty Fourteen.