More Laughing and Loving in Twenty Fourteen


Well, it doesn’t rhyme perfectly, but while I was taking a much-needed thirty minute hot shower on this really cold, drizzly evening, I pondered my goals for this year.  (better late than never?)

Lately, I’ve been trying to let go of my anger and stop yelling, and I struggle with it constantly.  I need to focus more on that.  But I need a positive spin on it … because you know what they say about kids:  They only hear the command, not the negative words BEFORE the command.  So, my brain is obviously just hearing the command to be angry and yell more.  😦

So, I now have five goals for 2014:

  1. Love more
  2. Laugh more
  3. Blog more
  4. Talk to everyone AND myself in a nice voice
  5. Go to Nova Scotia

But, mainly, I want this smile back:  

20050402 168

p.s.  The shower was pretty awesome.


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