Thanksgiving 2013, Asheville


global_198479792.jpegWednesday, we ate dinner with the Asheville Vegan Society – it was a yummy vegan feast.
IMG_2203Asheville has a compost-pickup service … need to research it a bit more …

When we got home, I prepared our Tofurky in the crock pot – Of course, I did not follow the recipe exactly. I coated the roast with Earth Balance, using a knife, not my hands. That made quite a mess inside the crock pot, but I assume that it was necessary to make the roast moist. Vegetables on hand included sweet potatoes (might be better with white potatoes, but it was pretty good, I think), carrots, onion, celery, mushrooms and garlic. I used the Tofurky gravy plus about two cups of my leftover soup puree and a box of veg broth. I think I used too much liquid, so it was a little soupy. The instructions say to boil it for 8-10 hours. We weren’t ready to eat til much later in the day, so I kept it on “warm” all day. I did add brussel sprouts and more mushrooms about noon.

IMG_2205   IMG_2209

It might have been nice to have bread or stuffing to go along with it, but we did have a can of squish cranberry jelly sauce for tradition. My crock pot is 7 quarts, and this made a LARGE meal, but we managed to eat almost all of it. I froze a bag of the gravy-sauce and some is in the fridge. I might make some rice and have a meal of just the gravy!

Phil and the girls enjoyed a pumpkin pie, and I finished my Closet Remodel (see next blog post).

family1    family2


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