Closet ReDo #3 … or maybe #4 …


Yet again, I decided that the closet was still not functioning optimally.  I have been stalking Home Depot and Lowes for closet shelving ideas for months.  I finally stumbled upon something at Lowes this week – it doesn’t use the vertical brackets, so in theory, I figured I could install it on the wonky walls in the closet.  The left and right closet walls are perpendicular, but the back wall is angled up and down and left and right, to fill in the void created by the nose of the RV.  I am glad to have the extra space, but I have been continually trying to modify the space because it is so wonky and nothing pre-fab works.

closetb4nov27   closetredo3

Left – Before

Right – After.  The wire shelves are each installed at a different angle because the back wall of the closet is totally wonky.  I photoshopped the pictures a little to help understand.  There are 4 rows of shelves:

1 – black – a previous installation, attached to the original closet rod

2 – pink – 3′ long 12″ wide – hung upside down so the edge can hold things on the shelf (I hope)

3 – yellow – 4′ long 20″ wide – hung parallel to the front edge of the closet.  To the right, is 14″ of rod space for Phil’s work clothes.  Still need to put his suit in there.

4 – green – 4′ long 12″ wide – hung upside down, also.  This shelf is on special brackets that are designed to hang a shelf at an angle to hold shoes – since the wall is angled, the end result is “nearly” horizontal.

b4b28nov   shelving3   closetredo1

Left – empty closet

Middle – First shelving installed.  (Blue) Left closet wall.  (Red) Closet floor.  (Yellow) 20″ shelf.  (Green) Angled lower shelf

Right – full closet

More photos are on SmugMug


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