Körner’s Folly


As an architect with a specific interest in residential, I was excited to tour this house today.  The kids were less enthusiastic,  but in the end, I think they enjoyed themselves.

We started off in a bad way, though.  As soon as I parked the car, I realized I left my wallet at home!  Molly had $7, and I found $4 more.  I finally succeeded in begging Annie to loan me the additional $11, and we were set.  The tour started with a short video.  Zoe was her usual fidgety bored self, but we got a little information.  The house has 22 rooms and 15 fireplaces (which held Franklin Stoves instead of open fires).  It even had a cool (pun) passive cooling system of trapdoors, transoms and rotating windows that I’ve never seen before.  The house is being decorated for Christmas now, so there were Santas and ornaments everywhere.  (and boxes of more decorations waiting to be used)

IMG_2060 IMG_2059 IMG_2058 IMG_2057

Jule Körner began building in 1878 and remodeled the housenrepeatedly until he died in 1924.  He built it because he loved his work, but he also used it as a showcase for his interior design company – every doorway and room was unique.  I loved it!!


This is a sunbathing dress – Victorian women would sunbathe as a social activity on the ROOF .  In order to maintain the pale complexion that was fashionable, they would also sit under parasols with hats and gloves.  Annie, in particular was astonished as to why they would even **go outside** if they didn’t want a tan.  (As recently as last summer, Annie has despised having a tan and would complain that her skin was getting darker … I think this summer might be different.)

IMG_2048  IMG_2051

IMG_2052  IMG_2045

Jule’s wife Polly ran a community theater for children in this theater on the top floor.  The ceilings are 25′, and there are murals and wonderful woodwork everywhere.  They still hold small shows here.  The family were also musicians and had puppet shows – which continue today.  There is a display case of old puppets, which freaked Zoe out, and here, she was just beginning to show her annoyance.  On our way home, 3 hours later, she suddenly began talking about it again – begging us to never ever go back again.  😦   The girls performed various theatrical antics on stage for the camera.  Don’t let Annie tell you she hated this – the third picture is of her laughing hysterically.

After the house tour, we met Phil half way with my wallet.

IMG_2063 IMG_2062

We then went to Old Salem Visitor Center, where we got some amazing fresh fudge.  We also walked down old Main Street and found this cool water pump.  We found two geocaches, and Annie was bored to tears.  Dinner and shopping at Whole Foods and back home.  We are heading to the mountains tomorrow.

We saw a geocaching sticker on a car for the first time tonight – unfortunately, we couldn’t read the tracking number on it.  I want one!!


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