Camp Was Fun


1045006_267906196684882_1597676676_nAnnie and Molly just returned from a week-long sleepover camp!

Ten days ago, we learned about this local camp, Crescent Lake Bible Camp, which is literally 5 minutes away from Grandma and Papa’s house.  The camp has been operating for over 80 years and has wonderful activities ranging from water skiing and tubing, swimming in the lake, a trampoline on the lake, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, rock climbing, archery, paint ball, ropes coarse (including zip line and rappelling), horseback riding, and more!  They also offer week-long day camps, but when the girls found out about the overnight camp, they both insisted!  We found out about it 3 days before it started, and this was the only week until August that either of them could do overnight camp.

The only drawback, in my opinion, is that the overnight campers were  mainly from out of town, but the day campers would probably be more local.

Before and After Camp:

1043905_10201546238162520_964724357_n  1010639_10201546238882538_897316500_n

Dropping off Molly:

(Molly’s cabin is green.  Annie’s is pink.  There is an orange dot and arrow showing where I took some scenery pictures.)

421834_267906270018208_1915282663_n  988650_267912603350908_1360921997_n

1000898_267906253351543_1049820323_n  998899_267906293351539_1334217122_n

Without two children, the house was very quiet, and Zoe sure did miss her sisters.  Even the shoe shelf was lonely after they left.


Picking up Annie:

1013425_10201547394591430_732301145_n  934936_10201547400711583_178855373_n

Now, both girls are sad that camp is over and wonder if they will see their friends again.  I sure do hope they keep in touch with someone!



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