(Occasional) Daily Tips for Living Small ~ ODTLS#2



Oh, how I love thee.

I  could go on for days about how many things I do with vinegar, but I am going to start “small.”   Primarily, I use it as a fabric softener in the washer.  There are several ways to do this, and the benefits are numerous.  Vinegar evaporates very quickly, so your laundry will NOT smell like pickles.

photo-4What:  regular household variety white vinegar

How:  Fill the fabric softener compartment.  You really can’t use too much.  Ideally, aim for about 1/4 cup.  It can be put in the initial wash cycle if you don’t have a special dispenser, but it won’t work quite as well.  (like in a laundromat)  Ideally, you can wait and add it to the rinse cycle manually.  Or fill a “Downey ball” about half full of vinegar.

  •  If you really object to the smell of vinegar, put some essential oil on a wet washcloth and toss that in the dryer.

Why:  Vinegar acts as a rinse aid to help remove soap residue from the water.  Most people use too much laundry soap, and that builds up in the seams of your clothing.  Fabric softener will build up residue, too.  Vinegar also helps reduce static, but usually the biggest cause of static is nylon fiber.  (don’t dry polyester with cotton)

  • If you need one more reason, consider cost:  this gallon jug costs less than $2 in most places!

The internet has lots of websites that extoll the virtues of vinegar.  I haven’t tried it for everything on this list, but I do keep a spray bottle of straight vinegar on hand for many things, including

  • spritz fruits and veggies instead of a “vegetable wash” solution
  • spray on a spot where a pet has urinated
  • spray with hydrogen peroxide for use as a disinfectant (more on that use another day)
  • polish chrome fixtures
  • clean mirrors and windows

And, when the jug is empty, fill it with water to use as a weight with a nifty handle.

Hooray!  Look what you learned on the internet today!!

Love, from your hippie friend,



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