The cat is stuck in the wall.


This is possibly the weirdest thing that has happened to us on the road so far.


Feberuary 4, 2013

About a week before we were planning to leave Oregon, I was being my usual self, trying to improve our RV, removing superfluous pieces of wood and hardware and replacing them with lighter weight more functional solutions.  So, I removed the drawer under our washing machine.  I had removed the cabinet doors within a day of having the machine installed.  Who wants 10 pounds of wood that you have to open and close daily?  The drawer had become a nuisance, and when I looked behind it, I was stunned by the volume of space …

It seemed like a harmless thing to do.  Rabbits can’t do any damage back there.

Our kitty, Meme, however, decided to explore for the first time.  I don’t recall exactly the chain of events, but suddenly we noticed she was not in her normal places, and I was POSITIVE she had not gotten out through the door.  I looked inside and underneath every single cabinet and nook.  We walked around the RV pounding on the sides and listening for meows.  Silence.

IMG_7707When Phil got home from work, we removed the washing machine.  We couldn’t figure out any possible way she would be back there, but it was the only idea we had left.  Although I was sure this was the only possible place left in the RV that she might have gone, it seemed highly unlikely.

But there doesn’t seem to be any “rational” explanation for where she is~!  There is a small opening, but why would she go there?  So, we put the washer back and keep wondering.

At about 10:00, after everyone has gone to sleep, Phil hears distant meowing … in the ceiling.  He is convinced he is imagining it.  I agree.  We sit in the dark and listen … there it is again!

I don’t remember anymore what exactly happened next.  We couldn’t believe she was behind the washing machine.  This is not a cat who explores!  Then the meowing sounded like it was in the ceiling, and we imagined ourselves having to cut a hole in the ceiling.  We also imagined the worst:  what if she was injured.

I am pretty sure we took the washing machine out AGAIN.  I took a lot of pictures to try to visualize what was there since we couldn’t actually SEE.  It was a large empty space with insulation and nothing for a cat to climb on.

IMG_7708  IMG_7719

And then, we chopped a hole in the wall above the washer.  A true hatchet job.  Once we made the hole, we could see a little more, but we still had no idea how to get Meme out.  We decided our only choice was to put a light and a can of smelly cat food and wait.  By the way, all the kids were still asleep, even Zoe, who was in our bed, right next to all this action.

IMG_7705 feb4 0022  IMG_7703 feb4 1816

I’m not sure how long it took, but she finally came close enough to the hole, and I was able to pull her out.  She was fine.  Time for bed.

IMG_7714 And this is my clever wall repair.  🙂


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