OMG. Annie is officially a TEEN now. As of 6:29 am this morning.



I did not get very many pictures of the actual “partying” – but good fun seemed to be had by all.

Annie invited 3 friends (Tess, Ava, and Hayley) to spend the night, and we arranged for Molly to spend the night elsewhere.  We made a rainbow-mustache-cake …

I divided the cake batter into 6 bowls, and we colored each a color of the rainbow:

stirring   batter

Before and after baking:

mixing   baked

The bottom of the cake wasn’t as pretty as the top.  We recently found a cardboard mustache stencil at SCRAP.  I stenciled the shape onto the cake … oops, I used the cornstarch instead of the powdered sugar!  (at least it worked and didn’t taste like anything):

upsidedown   mustache

… I took the girls to Burgerville for dinner and frozen yogurt for dessert.  There was a lot of giggling and talking.

burgerville   yogurt

Annie blew out all 14 candles in one breath and got some fun mustache stuff as presents – along with TWO gift cards for Starbucks.  (that is a LOT of hot chocolate)  By this time, the girls had eaten so much junk food that they barely had room for the cake!

candles   blowing

The cake was a Visual Success, though!


The girls stayed up super late watching movies and more giggling.

I am sure Annie will contribute some of her fun photos to a future blog post.  🙂


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