Monthly Archives: October 2012

Apple Cider!


It was a REALLY rainy day.  Molly and Zoe slept on the way to Helen’s house:


Pretty leaves:


We joined Helen, Lee, Dave, Sally, and a few of their closest friends, including some kids and some dogs to juice a few apples:


The grinder was electric, but the presser was manual labor:


The pressed juice was strained:


The results were bottled at a rate of about half a gallon a minute.  There were lots and lots and lots of empty bottles:



This is what was left of the apples:

The kids mainly played while the apples were being pressed:


Fresh apple cider is the absolute best thing in the universe!  (ok, there might be better stuff out there, but this is pretty awesome!)

End of the day … my feet hurt, but I am very thankful for rain boots:


DIY Makeup Board


Annie and I made this board for her makeup.  I found the idea on Pinterest (I don’t have an account, or I would never get off of the computer!).  Annie used Instagram on the photos.  She has an eye for photography!



And, here are some self-portraits of Annie and our cat, Meme: