Whipped Cream


August 23 was Sponge Cake Day, and Annie prepared sponge cake from scratch!  Apparently, it was Queen Victoria’s favorite dessert and best served warm with tea – oh well, at least we ate cake!

Unfortunately, we forgot to buy jelly and whipped cream when we went to the grocery store.  Annie rode her bike to Main Street to hunt for those ingredients.    She found whipped cream at the convenience store … to complete the dessert in style:


so, then, I had to decide the fate of the whipped cream.  First, let me confess that I don’t like whipped cream.  I don’t like fluffy gooey white stuff, and putting it in a can just makes it a hundred times more offensive to me …

So, the can of whipped cream lived in the fridge for several weeks, taunting the kids.  I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, but I really didn’t want the kids to EAT it!  I took my dilemma to FaceBook, and the consensus was that it is harmless, just let the kids have fun with it.

After they did some chores, I finally let them do it.  They loved it.  I thought it was disgusting.  Oh well. YOLO.  right?


They had fun!


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