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Our First Family Camping Trip

Our First Family Camping Trip

We went camping on the Coast with best friends, Helen and Lee, and Mikey (the dog).

It was supposed to be for two nights, but at the last minute, we decided against going on our FIRST camping trip with the kids and arriving after dark.  We had practiced setting up the tent, so I wasn’t worried about that, but we did NOT want to risk having to work out the kinks with tired children.

Sooooo, we went on Saturday morning.

Annie and Molly have both been to the Coast on previous Oregon trips, but catching the first glimpse of the ocean is always fun!

We got the tent set up pretty quickly.  Molly was a huge help!




Meanwhile, Annie was playing with Instagram …


Phil horsed around with Zoe and Molly …


Then, we all went down the road to a marina, where we rented a boat …

The boat wasn’t big enough for all of us, so we had to take turns.  It was nothing fancy, just a small engine at the back of the boat.  Helen and Lee didn’t like driving it, so Phil offered.  Zoe was totally freaked out by the whole thing, so she refused to get in the boat.  While the rest of them explored the bay, Lee, Zoe, Mikey, and I drove to Manzanita.  The view was lovely.  The beach was lovely.  The ice cream was lovely.  The stores were lovely!  I really need to go back there!


I drove the boat for the second outing – leaving Phil and Zoe on shore.  They found a small restaurant and had a beer and tater tots.

We ended the day with pasta at the campsite, followed by popcorn and s’mores.  (and wine for the grownups)



Everyone settled in to sleep, cozy and sweet …

… to be continued!


Our Tent. (R.T.)

Our Tent.  (R.T.)

I grew up tent-camping.  I always thought that RVs were cheating.  Now, we live in an RV … and when I mentioned to someone that we were buying a tent to go camping, he said, “but you are already camping!”  Funny, huh?

Molly started asking to go camping in a tent, as we were driving north through California in June.  She would periodically ask all summer if we could go camping.  When we found out about a “Not Back To School” campout, we decided it was time to just do it!   We got this 6-person tent at REI, mostly because we love their return policy and customer service.  So far, we are very happy!

The kids and I did a practice-set-up at the RV park.  Easy-peasy!  It does have a rainfly, which we didn’t test at this time.

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Art Camp …


Molly went to an Art Camp this week~!  She had a great time and really enjoyed experimenting with new materials and is really looking forward to more classes.  Her art teacher is really fun and taught the kids about color value, drawing by feel, and more.  Molly learned songs to reinforce the concepts.

Kim also moonlights as a face painter at a neighborhood farmers’ market.

We will get photos of some more of her projects, but this one is truly lovely!  (acrylics on canvas) She also really enjoyed working with oil pastels – which is a much more practical medium for our traveling lifestyle!


Trashion Fashion Camp!


We found a store in Portland that is just like our favorite store in Houston!

. . .

Our new favorite store was offering a Fashion Camp, so of course, Annie had to go … She had a lot of fun, met some new friends, and developed some new crafting passions! The camp culminated in a Fashion Parade, complete with gold trophies …

In spite of today being the hottest day EVER in Portland (103), everyone had a great time.

The girls walked about 4 blocks to a nearby park –


At the park, they prepared for the Runway Walk –

sadly, the light was awful for pictures –


Group Photos –



Zoe and Molly loved watching the pretty girls –