We were excited when we first got here and saw the large berry bushes in full flower … well, the waiting is over!

We are fortunate to have access to the river, and blackberries grow in abundance beside the river!  I checked out the bushes a few days ago, and I found about 10 berries that were ready.  This evening, I took the girls down, fully expecting that other people would have already picked all the berries.  I thought they were being silly to bring TWO buckets, but who am I to stomp on their fantasies.

Boy was I wrong!!

The kid in the left bucket is our exchange student from New Jersey – Flat Arthur.

We spent about half an hour and nearly filled those two buckets.  I had to drag the kids away – they were having fun picking them!  I promised them blackberry cobbler, but we waited too long to get it started.  I will make it tomorrow.  Maybe even before we go to the park to meet up with our new friends.

We are enjoying it here.  A lot.  I find it amusing because when people would ask us where we would go first, I would always say, “anywhere but Oregon – because if we go there first, we will never leave!”  I am not ready to settle down, though.  I want to explore more first.  But we do like it here as much as I thought we would.  🙂

Flat Arthur and Molly found lots of berries!

Zoe gets serious about running!


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