Tshirt Crafting, Part 1


Lesson #1 for the day … use a bigger hula hoop.


No, actually, Lesson #1 was … re-READ the directions closely before cutting up 2 dozen tshirts.  I did extra cutting when I could have been weaving …

So, let me start at the beginning:

In Houston, more than two months ago, I saw this cool craft on the internet. I don’t remember who tagged me on FaceBook, but we went to a thrift store ASAP and bought a billion tshirts in fun colors, planning to make a few rugs … I washed them immediately, and they have been folded in a laundry basket every since then.

   (this is **half** of the tshirts)

Finally, I was ready to do the craft yesterday.  I was sure it would be a piece of cake …

NEVER underestimate the distracting power of a 3 year old.

Using my new nifty electric Black & Decker scissors, I cut up about a dozen shirts last night.  And, this is where the second Lesson #1 comes to play.  I cut rows off the lower half of the shirts, resulting in loops.  THEN, I went an extra unnecessary step further and cut those loops intro strips for making TARN (tshirt yarn).  Today, I read the instructions a little more closely, and I discovered that they used the loops, not strips.  I’m sure I’m just babbling now, but trust me when I say I did extra labor.

So, eventually, I had a bunch of tshirts ready to weave … not all of them, but enough to get started.


I am making the first rug alone, so I can work out the process before doing it with the older girls.  I really hate learning while doing a craft with the kids because I always end up doing it instead of THEM doing it.

Now, for the first Lesson #1, or Lesson #2 … I used the smallest hula hoop, thinking that would be wise, BUT tshirt fabric stretches when you work with it, so the red loops (the warp) stretched out as I worked, resulting in a bowl shape … I think that it will work out, but it would be easier if it were on a bigger hoop.

Zoe approves, though!


   To be continued …


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