Orange Juice can’t get any fresher!


Imagine our surprise and joy to find out that we can pick ANY oranges in this park!  Well, any that are in common areas, empty sites, or our own site … that’s fine!  They even let you borrow a fruit-picker to get to the high ones!

The kids and I walked around the park for half an hour or so, and we collected two bags of fruit.  I wish we had counted them!  We returned to our site to make orange juice:


We juiced 45 oranges and lemons!  (We decided that orange juice with a little lemon tastes pretty awesome!)

We drank a lot.

We froze some for popsicles.

We juiced another 2 quarts, in the fridge.

Here is the aftermath … let me know if you can read the text …

I love my antique criss cross juicer, but we really need a good strainer for the seeds.  I had one at the house, but I guess I didn’t bring it.  I decided I won’t cry too much if my juicer breaks.  That will just be an excuse to go antique shopping …


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