Tucson to Orange, Part Dos


Driving days usually start with the kids all immediately bickering about something and claiming to be hungry.  It could be legitimate.  I tend to forget to feed them when I’m trying to remember all the OTHER stuff I need to do.  Plus, I can not understand how they can feed themselves every single day but not on a day when we’re traveling.  They also immediately demand music.  We have recently implemented a 10-minute rule:  no requests or interruptions til we’ve actually been on the road for 10 minutes.  Phil and I really need a few minutes to gather our thoughts and make sure we didn’t forget something … like lowering the tv antenna …  It’s a work in progress!

This slideshow is from yesterday:

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Our very first RV trip, in 2009 was a challenge because we had never done it before.  We struggled to figure out how long we could drive before we had to stop.  On that trip, Zoe was 8 months old, and she defied all of us and wouldn’t sleep enough in the car.  She was, however, just like her sisters and refused to sleep or be happy once the sun set.  Anyway, my point is:  on that trip, we finally figured out that if we drove for 45 minutes, we could stop for 10 minutes, and everyone was happy.  Any longer in the car resulted in a LONGER break, and nobody was happy.  We did drive for longer, if Zoe was asleep, but that was totally unpredictable.  We did a lot of running around in rest stops.  🙂  Our next big trip was in 2011, when we drove to Calgary.  We didn’t do much better.  Everyone got really cranky when we tried to drive too long, and Zoe still wasn’t happy riding at night.  We depended on electronic gadgets a LOT on that trip (iPod, iPad, DVD).  The trip to Florida was more relaxed, but we still needed those gadgets …

Well, we haven’t used any of those gadgets on this trip!  Our new truck has everything except a DVD player.  I think that it is a slippery slope:  if you have a DVD player, everything else is needed.  The kids only have cameras now.  (They keep forgetting their iPods.)  I have been using the MacAir for the last two days, and they haven’t even really been begging for that.  We do have Sirius radio, and that is always on.  Road trips are impossible without music.  Now, if they would only let me have MY music occasionally.

So, yesterday, we drove across Arizona.  We stopped twice in 4 1/2 hours.  Today, we drove another 4 hours, with one stop!  Wow!  I never would have thought that was possible.  Today, however, we bribed the kids differently:  we surprised them with spending money when we stopped at a gas station.  Told them they could buy whatever they wanted … ok, I’m a mean mom – I told them no candy or cookies.  They are used to that rule, but they were excited by chips and chocolate milk and mom saying “yes”.  I’ll have to try that more often!

The next pictures will be in the next post … revealing what happens when we arrive at our destination.


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