Tucson to Orange: A Day in the Life Of … Blog Carnival

I am writing this blog entry to be a part of a series organized by another blogger for “We Choose This Life”.  I’m still trying to figure this blog-thing out, but here goes!

Blog Carnival – the blog which inspired this post.

This blog post will document the process of travel for our family of 5:  parents (Janis and Phil), daughters (Annie, Molly and Zoe) – plus a cat (Meme) and a bunny (Biscuit).  We sold our house in April, and we are currently in the honeymoon phase of full time RVing.

We are driving cross-country over a period of 3-4 weeks, from Houston, Texas to Portland, Oregon, for Phil’s job.  We are driving only on the weekends, and then he is flying to Portland each work-week.  Last fall, we drove to Calgary, Alberta in 6 days – it was about the same distance from Houston.  We survived, but none of us really desire to race across the country like that again.

After 4 days in Tucson, we re-packed everything and hit the road at about 1:00 on Saturday, June 2.  The closing up, packing up and hooking up process took us about 3 hours today, but we were not hurrying.  I’m writing this on our MacBook Air, while Phil drives … right now, we are on I-10, west of Tonopah, Arizona.  The kids are serenading us by singing “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris (Sirius Hits 1).

**After feedback, I have decided to remove the slide show.  It is too difficult to see  when you don’t have an awesome internet connection …**  You can see the photos on our smugmug account

The routine for closing up is a work-in-progress.  We prefer to travel with clean clothes, so I try to do as much laundry as possible before we leave.  I am getting better at “keeping up” using our Splendide all-in-one, but Phil’s work clothes take the most time.  Sheets and towels are doable, but it is easier to do the big stuff at the park laundry facilities.  We also like to travel with clean dishes.  We swam all day yesterday instead of doing mundane tasks like dishes … and then when Phil got home, we went out to dinner, and it was such a late night that we didn’t do the dishes … sigh.


The beds have to be made, then all the “extra” stuff gets piled on them so the slides can be pulled in.  (and the floors get vacuumed right before the slides get moved)  Once all that is done, the RV is really snug.  There are other tasks to be done that I try to get the kids to do, like catching the fur-babies and snacks and water…  I really need to write a list because Phil and I tend to get cranky when we are trying to do the last bits: the kids don’t want to be outside or in the truck.  They want to be INtheWAY!  Today, there was the added bonus of extra-rotten-sister-fights which really made it hard to remain in a decent mood.

*Update 1, 7:30 pm:  We arrived at the River Breeze RV Park in Ehrenburg, Arizona, around 6:30 and set up in record time.  Here is why:  Our site is right next to the pool!  The kids did not get to swim this morning, so that is all they wanted to do … well, Annie wanted to eat dinner *and* swim.  I just wanted to sit down in front of the computer and work on this blog!  So, I made a salad, and they are all over there swimming.  I am sitting on the lawn, sipping wine, watching the sunset.  This is a very interesting park.  We are one mile from the California border.  The Colorado River is somewhere near us, but the park is FULL.  It has a lot of permanent residents in Park Model units and a lot of active weekenders here for some ATV fun.  Nobiggee for us!  As long as we have hookups, wifi and moderately-friendly staff, we are happy.  Oh, and if I can walk around barefooted, that is a huge bonus!

**Update 2, 9:30 pm:  Phil is washing dishes, and the kids are watching Harry Potter.  I started a load of laundry and fed Biscuit some lovely chard that we received from an unschooled in Tucson today.  (Traded compost for veggies!  It doesn’t get better than that!)  Now, I am sitting on my bed, in the dark, editing the photos for this blog post.  Tomorrow, I will work on the photos from the actual road-trip!  I can’t figure out how to make two slide shows in one post, so it will have to be a separate post.


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