Bevil Jarrell Memorial Bridge


After more than 3 months of traveling back and forth along 59 North, we finally made a detour today to investigate this Old Bridge over the San Jacinto River.  Trying to research it on Google has proved fruitless.  It resembles other bridges from the 1940s in the area, but I can’t find the construction date.  In 2011, it was dedicated to a teach from Humble, as a pedestrian bridge.

Anyway, I love old bridges, and I thought it was fascinating to walk across this one.  It is extremely narrow, and the noise of the traffic rushing by is louder than loud.  We saw a few egrets, a few fishermen, and a butterfly.  These pictures are just random shots of the rusty old trusses (?) and the kids in various levels of interest.  Annie brought a magazine with her.  Molly zoomed ahead to be the first to the other side.  Zoe followed Molly and eventually had to be chased down before she ran too far.  Annie had to carry her back to where I was waiting – not too happy about her circumstances.  All in all, I was proud of how agreeable they were to exploring just for the sake of exploring – especially since the afternoon had been long, and they were anxious to go swimming.  Unfortunately, we got back too late to go swimming.  Wonder how agreeable they will be next time I want to make a detour like this …

Please leave some feedback about this slideshow option I just found … hoping it is better for viewing multiple photos.  🙂

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  1. I love the fact they turned it into a pedestrian bridge rather than tear it down. Your photographs are beautiful. I love the slide show. I need to play with that for an end of the year post for my 2nd graders’ blog.

    I’m trying to find information about bridges and other Houston City structures designed and built while EE Sands, my Great-Grandfather, was Houston City Engineer. That would have been around 1900 – 1923. His last project before he died was converting the Port of Houston into a deep water port.

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