Couch Demo in 10 Easy Steps


So, I’ve been thinking about removing the corner of our 12′ couch and replacing it with better storage and a desk top.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love the long couch, but for the last 2+ weeks, the corner has simply been piled up with stuff.  It needs shelves.  And, I think I want to put the bunny-box in that corner.

Well, the second part of the project is that I need to remove this gigantic heavy piece of furniture ASAP and get it into storage before we leave for Portland.  If I’m seriously going to remove it, I don’t want to carry it on the road. So, since I have nothing better to do today (haha), I decided to tackle the project.

I forgot to take a before picture of the couch, so you’ll have to settle for a picture of the left corner.  Imagine it is on the right corner and piled high with stuff:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The middle of the couch is a foldout double bed, which we are keeping.  It is the main part of the couch, and it is immensely useful.

Step 1:  Remove couch cushion.

Step 2:  With a great deal of effort, and someone’s assistance (thank you Molly!!!), lift out the back section.  Do not use your foot to hold up this piece.  Your helper will decide that the tv is much more interesting and will drop her end.  Bear in mind that this part is an irresistible playground.

Step 3:  Lift out the flat base-pieces that cover the storage compartments.

Step 4:  Let your Toddler play in the storage compartments:

Step 5:  Remove the SINGLE screw that is holding this base piece in place.  I thought the base was “bolted” in place, and I was prepared to have to really wrestle with it.  Imagine my surprise when it lifted up after removing the one screw that connected it to the middle couch piece (to the left of Zoe).

Step 6:  Lift up the base unit and turn it sideways to allow the aforementioned Toddler to play there:

Step 7:  Wait for the lawn mowers to finish their job so they don’t blow grass all over the couch.

Step 8:  Struggle to get the pieces outside without damaging the kitchen cabinets or door or falling down the RV steps.

Step 9:  Tah-dah!  Fancy comfy outdoor seating!

Step 10:  Let your Hubbty put it all in the back of the truck, and haul it off to the storage unit.

The silver part is bubble wrap, which was under the carpet (removed awhile ago).  I haven’t decided yet how to handle the floor.  I might just cut out the silver layer and put down some type of vinyl.  We will have to remove the whole couch temporarily, though, so I don’t know how soon it will happen.


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