Mothers’ Day


Today, my beloved gave me a cupcake for breakfast.  Then they gave me an afternoon of solitude.  While they were gone, I cleaned up the kitchen counter and reorganized a little.  The afternoon was completed when I lay on the grass with Honey.  I gave her a bath, and then took her outside so she could be in the warm sun to dry.  She hopped around a little, and I followed her, just watching her and listening to the birds.  Finally, I lay in the grass next to her, with my arm around her, petting her, and she didn’t go anywhere.  I must have lay there for at least 20 minutes … time stood still.   I relaxed completely, staring at the clouds and contemplating the blue sky.  I had forgotten how rabbits can totally remove stress and negative feelings.

The family brought dinner home, and Phil took the kids to swim, while I puttered about with my plants.  Nice day.  ❤

I wonder if these photos are good enough?  Maybe I should have taken before shots!

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We removed about 10 pounds of metal brackets and cornice boards today.  I took all the curtains out of the living room because they were so heavy and not appealing to me.  I will make curtains eventually.  We are storing the curtains along with the bedspread (in the realm or RV bedspreads, it wasn’t too bad, but I just don’t want to deal with a bedspread) and the doors that I removed from the washing machine cabinet.  The machine is bolted in, and the doors were just getting in the way.  Another few pounds gone 🙂


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