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Crinum Lilies from The Yellow House, blooming at Barbara’s house …


tie dyed shirts with kids.
sent older kids off with friends for the night.
washed car.
lost phone.
found phone.
went grocery shopping.
found a big wooden toy box
went to Janet’s house.
locked keys in car.
yay! USAA came to my rescue!
car unlocked.
drinking wine.
eating ice cream with friends.
all is good.


Bevil Jarrell Memorial Bridge


After more than 3 months of traveling back and forth along 59 North, we finally made a detour today to investigate this Old Bridge over the San Jacinto River.  Trying to research it on Google has proved fruitless.  It resembles other bridges from the 1940s in the area, but I can’t find the construction date.  In 2011, it was dedicated to a teach from Humble, as a pedestrian bridge.

Anyway, I love old bridges, and I thought it was fascinating to walk across this one.  It is extremely narrow, and the noise of the traffic rushing by is louder than loud.  We saw a few egrets, a few fishermen, and a butterfly.  These pictures are just random shots of the rusty old trusses (?) and the kids in various levels of interest.  Annie brought a magazine with her.  Molly zoomed ahead to be the first to the other side.  Zoe followed Molly and eventually had to be chased down before she ran too far.  Annie had to carry her back to where I was waiting – not too happy about her circumstances.  All in all, I was proud of how agreeable they were to exploring just for the sake of exploring – especially since the afternoon had been long, and they were anxious to go swimming.  Unfortunately, we got back too late to go swimming.  Wonder how agreeable they will be next time I want to make a detour like this …

Please leave some feedback about this slideshow option I just found … hoping it is better for viewing multiple photos.  🙂

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I don’t know why it took us so long to get a worm bin!  I’ve known about vermicomposting for at least 14 years.  I’ve been urban composting for 25 years!  You would think that I would have been motivated to get worms before now, but I guess I’ve been afraid that I would kill the worms.

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Oddly enough, I have intense emotional issues about touching food or messy things like shaving cream, play do, or finger paint), but I will happily dig in the worm bin!

We finally got worms in March.  I couldn’t wait, once I found the right bins in our garage, so I bought 100 at Wabash.  Surely, 100 is enough, right?  Wrong!  Eventually, those worms got happy enough to reproduce, but it took weeks.  And, we all know that I’m not a patient person.  So, while waiting for our worm bin to get happy, we limped along, composting with friends. 😦 I just needed to get on the internet and buy more worms …

Well, 2 weeks ago, I finally did that.  I first found a great worm farm … in Maine … WormMania.  Then, I learned that it’s really best to order worms from closer to your home, so I donated some money to that worm guy (because I did get some great information from him, even if I couldn’t buy his worms).  Off to Google “Texas” worms.  They took TWO weeks to arrive, but at least they arrived safely!

Now, let me tell you that 2 pounds of worms is a LOT of worms.  Not for a meek person.  I love that Molly and Zoe are as infatuated with worms as I am.  Annie – well, she is 12.

While I was waiting for the worms, I realized that we will be driving through California in a couple weeks, and California is really protective of its borders.  We have a lot of bugs in our first worm bin, and from what I’ve read, they do not let you bring bugs into the state.  I just spent $65 on new worms, and the last thing I wanted was to have them confiscated.  I did contact the BPS, and they “say” that I can bring worms for vermicomposting, but the bin needs to be bug-free.  So, we’re starting over, and I’m giving our old worms to Janet.  I’m crossing my fingers that I can keep the bugs out of it this time!  (bugs aren’t a problem for the worms, but they are a problem for California)

The worms were delivered to Ryan’s house on Thursday, and we rushed over to get them.  I immediately opened the box and dug in.  The sheer mass of worms was almost grotesque.  Good thing I like worms 🙂  Zoe immediately started begging to “hold a worm.”  We did the holding outside, out of consideration for Ryan and Dawn (sorry I opened them in your house!)  We still didn’t have new bins for them, so I naively left them in their cardboard box.  Friday was super busy.  Saturday morning at 7:30 am, Zoe woke me up saying, “WORMS!”  I was half asleep and couldn’t figure out what had happened.  My first thought was that she had knocked over the box.  Nope.  A bunch worms had escaped and were crawling all over the floor.  oops.

We did catch the worms, and I don’t think any of them died.  And, the girls who were spending the night didn’t even know what happened.  Thank goodness.  The last thing I need is girls freaking out over worms.  It is quite amazing, actually, that my girls like worms – they are afraid of every other bug in the universe! (I don’t know where that comes from.  I have no issues with bugs, and I don’t usually scream unless a gigantic roach crawls near my toes.)

Anyway, tonight we relocated the worms to their new bin. We got purple bins for them.  Still need to drill ventilation holes, but they should be happier now that they aren’t in the tiny box.

All in all, this has been a fun experience so far!  It’s dubious how much food they have actually eaten, but it has been fun!


Couch Demo in 10 Easy Steps


So, I’ve been thinking about removing the corner of our 12′ couch and replacing it with better storage and a desk top.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love the long couch, but for the last 2+ weeks, the corner has simply been piled up with stuff.  It needs shelves.  And, I think I want to put the bunny-box in that corner.

Well, the second part of the project is that I need to remove this gigantic heavy piece of furniture ASAP and get it into storage before we leave for Portland.  If I’m seriously going to remove it, I don’t want to carry it on the road. So, since I have nothing better to do today (haha), I decided to tackle the project.

I forgot to take a before picture of the couch, so you’ll have to settle for a picture of the left corner.  Imagine it is on the right corner and piled high with stuff:

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The middle of the couch is a foldout double bed, which we are keeping.  It is the main part of the couch, and it is immensely useful.

Step 1:  Remove couch cushion.

Step 2:  With a great deal of effort, and someone’s assistance (thank you Molly!!!), lift out the back section.  Do not use your foot to hold up this piece.  Your helper will decide that the tv is much more interesting and will drop her end.  Bear in mind that this part is an irresistible playground.

Step 3:  Lift out the flat base-pieces that cover the storage compartments.

Step 4:  Let your Toddler play in the storage compartments:

Step 5:  Remove the SINGLE screw that is holding this base piece in place.  I thought the base was “bolted” in place, and I was prepared to have to really wrestle with it.  Imagine my surprise when it lifted up after removing the one screw that connected it to the middle couch piece (to the left of Zoe).

Step 6:  Lift up the base unit and turn it sideways to allow the aforementioned Toddler to play there:

Step 7:  Wait for the lawn mowers to finish their job so they don’t blow grass all over the couch.

Step 8:  Struggle to get the pieces outside without damaging the kitchen cabinets or door or falling down the RV steps.

Step 9:  Tah-dah!  Fancy comfy outdoor seating!

Step 10:  Let your Hubbty put it all in the back of the truck, and haul it off to the storage unit.

The silver part is bubble wrap, which was under the carpet (removed awhile ago).  I haven’t decided yet how to handle the floor.  I might just cut out the silver layer and put down some type of vinyl.  We will have to remove the whole couch temporarily, though, so I don’t know how soon it will happen.

Mothers’ Day


Today, my beloved gave me a cupcake for breakfast.  Then they gave me an afternoon of solitude.  While they were gone, I cleaned up the kitchen counter and reorganized a little.  The afternoon was completed when I lay on the grass with Honey.  I gave her a bath, and then took her outside so she could be in the warm sun to dry.  She hopped around a little, and I followed her, just watching her and listening to the birds.  Finally, I lay in the grass next to her, with my arm around her, petting her, and she didn’t go anywhere.  I must have lay there for at least 20 minutes … time stood still.   I relaxed completely, staring at the clouds and contemplating the blue sky.  I had forgotten how rabbits can totally remove stress and negative feelings.

The family brought dinner home, and Phil took the kids to swim, while I puttered about with my plants.  Nice day.  ❤

I wonder if these photos are good enough?  Maybe I should have taken before shots!

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We removed about 10 pounds of metal brackets and cornice boards today.  I took all the curtains out of the living room because they were so heavy and not appealing to me.  I will make curtains eventually.  We are storing the curtains along with the bedspread (in the realm or RV bedspreads, it wasn’t too bad, but I just don’t want to deal with a bedspread) and the doors that I removed from the washing machine cabinet.  The machine is bolted in, and the doors were just getting in the way.  Another few pounds gone 🙂



The kids are absolutely ecstatic about getting to swim!  They went to the pool last night with Phil.   Today, we went to Acadamy for new swim gear… oh, and a bow and arrow for Miss Annie Katness, Hunger Games fan-extraordinaire.  Took them to the pool again, and the we played with the bow.  Somehow, I lost an arrow in the grass by our RV.  oops.


Watching Jay Leno now.  Cameron Diaz is turning 40.  She is super skinny.  I can’t believe that matters to me.