Latest Ikea products


Retur (marketed as recycling bins) – we hung 4 of these at the end of the counter for additional food storage.  Right now, they contain snacks, cereals and bread.

Bygel plastic cups on a metal rod – under kitchen cabinet for medications and stuff – and on the wall of bathroom for toothbrushes.

Bygel small colorful magnets – they seem to be discontinued.  I use them to hold scissors, sewing needles, bobby pins, screws, etc.  I found a website and ordered 4 more, thinking they would give me random colors, but I got 4 turquoise ones.  sigh.  At least it is a color we like.  🙂

Antonius wire drawers on metal frame – two 6-drawer units stacked on top of each other, anti-topple braces connect it to wardrobe cabinet.

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  1. Nice!! How deep are those Retur cabinets? We have a small amount of dead space at the end of our counter beside the door, and it looks like those *might* fit, if so that would be awesome.

  2. They are 7″ deep. Two across are 23.5″ wide. Two high are 31.5″ tall. We have used Tronnes cabinets a lot ovr the years as shoe bins, and these are slightly larger than Tronnes. I need to find a better picture of what the end of the cabinet looked like, but these are mounted under the 8″ overhang at the end of the counter. I like them better for food storage than Tronnes because they are small enough to hold a practical amount of snacks, so things might not get buried deep in the bin and get forgotten about.

  3. Awesome, thanks! We could fit 4, but it would block the carbon monoxide detector. Still, two stacked vertically would work and not crowd the entry. Thanks for the idea!

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