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Latest Ikea products


Retur (marketed as recycling bins) – we hung 4 of these at the end of the counter for additional food storage.  Right now, they contain snacks, cereals and bread.

Bygel plastic cups on a metal rod – under kitchen cabinet for medications and stuff – and on the wall of bathroom for toothbrushes.

Bygel small colorful magnets – they seem to be discontinued.  I use them to hold scissors, sewing needles, bobby pins, screws, etc.  I found a website and ordered 4 more, thinking they would give me random colors, but I got 4 turquoise ones.  sigh.  At least it is a color we like.  🙂

Antonius wire drawers on metal frame – two 6-drawer units stacked on top of each other, anti-topple braces connect it to wardrobe cabinet.

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Need to start blogging, I guess!


I have never been much good at following through on commitments (well, except marriage and motherhood!) … I think that it is time to try again!  *unfortunately, I think the perfectionist in me is going to be quickly annoyed by editing this blog.*

We have been living in our “new” RV for 3weeks, still at the dealership.

They “broke” our new truck when they were installing the 5th wheel hitch, and we have been stuck here waiting for the Dodge dealer to be able to repair it.  Of course, it could always be worse.  We could be stuck somewhere that didn’t have electrical and water hook-ups, or, worse, be ousted of our home, while waiting for something to be repaired … hopefully, now, the major kinks have been worked out, and we can look forward to the care-free travels that we had planned for.

I am happy to say that our house is sold, our truck is fixed, and we can return to a proper location tomorrow!  We will be moving back to Forest Retreat in New Caney, Texas, and then we are heading to Portland at the end of May!  Hooray for a Northwest Summer!  (no more exclamation points, I promise)

The picture below was taken before they broke the truck, and it shows the Hyde Family Vehicles:

2012 Dodge Ram 3500 CC4x4 DRW
2006 Keystone Zeppelin II (for sale now)
2010 Keystone Montana Mountaineer 345-DBQ
Volkswagon Jetta TDI