Monthly Archives: January 2012

Cute Things Zoe Says


This subject could probably go on forever, but here are a few things she said today that particularly tickled me.  I hope that when I type them they are as amusing as they were when she said them.

First thing this morning:
Where are we going to today?  (Louisiana)
Is there a big museum to go inside?
To Annie:  Are you my sister?
After we unhooked the trailer to go to the grocery store:
oh no!  WHERE IS OUR RV???
I whip my hand back and forth . . . I whip my booty back and forth . . .



Today, I experienced a few moments of pure joy as I waded in the ocean at dusk with Phil and the girls.  I caught myself having no worries or fears or inhibitions.  I had forgotten how that felt.

“Gulf of Mexico, across the road from site A8”
Fort Pickens National Park Campground
January 21-23, 2012