Idaho & Utah – more to see than I realized


Today was actually quite a pretty drive.  Shortly after leaving Idaho Falls, we happened upon this area of lava formations.  I really really really wanted to jump out of the car and walk around all over the rocks and explore the fissures and caves.  Possibly not a safe adventure, but this is a place I want to go again!  We found this rest stop that had picnic tables and trails, but all the trails were closed.  😦


The kids managed to find a place to run, though.  If you look casually at this photo, it looks like Molly is holding Zoe like a toy.  There I am, in the background, shivering.  It was warm, though, compared to Calgary!

No complaints about Calgary, I just get cold easily.

After the romping and potty breaks, two prison vans arrived.  They were transporting two men in orange jumpsuits and shackles.  It was a little creepy.  Obviously, prisoners and guards need potty breaks, too!


The highlight of the day, though, were the mountains in Utah. It was breathtaking.

Note Phil’s hair.  Those who know me know I prefer clean-shaven faces …

Well, that about sums it up.  We are in Fillmore, Utah now.  We have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow, to make it to the Grand Canyon.  Trying to work in a trek across the Hoover Dam, along the way.


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