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B is for Beaver



Drove south from Fillmore, Utah … Arizona, Nevada, then back to Arizona.  Lots of crisscrossing over mountain passes.  The kids had pretty good days up til now, but they let it all out today … tomorrow, we are taking a break from activities, so hopefully their behavior will improve before we go to see the Grand Canyon.  Planning to take a train tour!


Sunset south of the Hoover Dam.  We were bummed out because we couldn’t see the dam from the new bridge.  We will have to go again some day.


Idaho & Utah – more to see than I realized


Today was actually quite a pretty drive.  Shortly after leaving Idaho Falls, we happened upon this area of lava formations.  I really really really wanted to jump out of the car and walk around all over the rocks and explore the fissures and caves.  Possibly not a safe adventure, but this is a place I want to go again!  We found this rest stop that had picnic tables and trails, but all the trails were closed.  😦


The kids managed to find a place to run, though.  If you look casually at this photo, it looks like Molly is holding Zoe like a toy.  There I am, in the background, shivering.  It was warm, though, compared to Calgary!

No complaints about Calgary, I just get cold easily.

After the romping and potty breaks, two prison vans arrived.  They were transporting two men in orange jumpsuits and shackles.  It was a little creepy.  Obviously, prisoners and guards need potty breaks, too!


The highlight of the day, though, were the mountains in Utah. It was breathtaking.

Note Phil’s hair.  Those who know me know I prefer clean-shaven faces …

Well, that about sums it up.  We are in Fillmore, Utah now.  We have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow, to make it to the Grand Canyon.  Trying to work in a trek across the Hoover Dam, along the way.

Montana is beeeeeoooteeeeful! (kids, please don’t memorize that spelling. the word is beautiful)


Everyone was a sleepyhead this morning, but we finally got on the road about 11 am.  It was a long day of driving, ending up in Idaho Falls, ID at about 8:15 pm.

Annie is doing Extra Credit for her photo documentary:

11:00 am, Conrad, Montana

But, this one is from Phil …

The scenery for the first part of the day was absolutely enchanting.

Bright blue skies, bright (sometimes too bright) sun, just the right chill in the air.  The rocks and the mountains and buttes were most excellent inspirations for a project in the back of my mind.  About 4, clouds rolled in.  I’m not sure what that meant weather wise, but it was an hour or so of pseudo-dusk before the sun went down.  It was actually a little bit of a relief after the glaring sun.





So what did we see all day?

Roadschool Assignment #1


Better late than never, right?

So, the assignment is:  pick a time of day, and each day take a picture at that time.  Then, write a blog entry about it.  I am willing to accept very minimal sentences at first, but I expect progress!!!  Once we are home, I hope to continue some version of this project, maybe not daily, but something.  We shall see!  For now, the results will be posted on the individual family pages.

and now, we’re going back to Texas!


6 weeks sure went by fast.

I kept thinking about writing something here, but I never got around to it.  We kept very busy, and all I wanted to do in my downtime is knit.

So, here is a picture of Canada.  South of Calgary, this is pretty much the view.  Not sure who took the picture, but not too exciting.  The mountains are pretty in the background, though!  Check out Phil’s Picture of the Day (tomorrow) to see a cool image (I hope) of the cloud formation over the mountains.

We had a short day today, only about 5.5 hours, but I can’t remember exactly.  Zoe napped for an hour or so.  She woke up at a potty stop, then they watched Shrek 3.

And, at 5:39, we were in line for the Canada Border Patrol at Coutts, Alberta.  They asked us a few questions, but nothing about pets!  (sorry for the oversight, Rupert)  We told them we had some grape tomatoes, lettuce, a cucumber and frozen beans.  We were quickly told to park and bring the tomatoes inside.  oooooo, scary grape tomatoes.  Sadly, tomatoes are on the watch-list, so unless we wanted to wait for an agricultural inspector, our choices were slim:  forfeit the tomatoes.  😦  I was not especially attached to the week-old Costco tomatoes, so off they went.  What pained me the most was knowing that I could have left them in Calgary in the backyard compost!  Prior to the border crossing, we force fed the kids the apples, tangerines, grapes and kiwis that hadn’t been eaten in time.  They don’t have a passport stamp at this border, but they let us use a time-stamp machine to stamp our own passports unofficially.  ((I am a big packrat, and border crossings are important for future coolness. Zoe understood and wanted hers stamped twice!))

Well, now we’re in Conrad, Montana.  It is 11:59 pm, and A finally turned out her light and is hopefully going to sleep.  Z fought sleep as well, but she finally conked out around 10:30.  M went to sleep relatively peacefully, by comparison, but she tossed and turned for a long time, too!  DH is snoring at last, as well.  I guess getting back on the road was more of an adjustment than I anticipated.

We hope to be on the road well before lunch time tomorrow, so that we can get south as fast as possible.  We are planning to spend about 3 days at the Grand Canyon!  I’m really excited, since even I have never been there.  I don’t think the kids really know what it is, but they have heard “of it”, so they know it is a Destination.

We need to be home by December 2, when A has planned a birthday party.  DH will be traveling the next week, so there is no rest on the horizon.